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E.g., 27/02/2020
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Number Authour(s) Title Date Published insort descending Abstract Paper
398 Gil Kalai and Shmuel Safra Threshold Phenomena and Influence, with Some Perspectives from Mathematics, Computer Science, and Economics (08/2005)
488 Andriy Zapechelnyuk and Ro'i Zultan Job Market Signaling and Job Search (07/2008)

The high cost of searching for employers borne by prospective employees increases friction in...

200 Motty Perry & Philip J. Reny An Ex-Post Efficient Auction (08/1999)

An analogue of Vickrey's (1961) multi-unit auction is provided when bidders have interdependent...

42 Itamar Pitowsky On the Concept of the Proof in Modern Mathematics (03/1994)

This paper deals with the attempts to characterize the set of all proofs in a given mathematical...

286 Edna Ullmann-Margalit & Cass R. Sunstein Inequality and Indignation (03/2002) Philosophy and Public Affairs 30 (2002), 60-82

Inequalities often persist because both the advantaged and the disadvantaged stand to lose from...

128 Eilon Solan 3-Person Repeated Games with Absorbing States (01/1997)

Every 3-person repeated game with absorbing states has an equilibrium payoff.

493 Robert J. Aumann, Ein-Ya Gura, Sergiu Hart, Bezalel Peleg, Hana Shemesh and Shmuel Zamir Michael Maschler: In Memoriam (11/2008) Games and Economic Behavior 2, (2008), 351-392
367 Ruma Falk, Avital Lann and Shmuel Zamir Average Speed Bumps: Four Perspectives on Averaging Speeds (07/2004)
575 Florian M. Biermann A Measure to compare Matchings in Marriage Markets (06/2011)

In matching markets the number of blocking pairs is often used as a criterion to compare...

455 Yaakov Kareev, Klaus Fiedler and Judith Avrahami Expected Prediction Accuracy and the Usefulness of Contingencies (07/2007)

Regularities in the environment are used to decide what course of action to take and how to...