Program Requirements

Graduate Program Requirements

Each student enrolled in the program must complete 10 credit hours of coursework over and above his or her departmental requirements. Thus, in particular, the student may not count any course both towards his or her departmental requirements and simultaneously towards the course requirements of the Center.

  • The 10 credits must be accrued from courses offered in the Center’s program of study. In exceptional cases (and only with prior approval of the head of the graduate program) the student may be allowed to include courses that are offered outside the program.

  • No more than one course taken without a numerical grade may count towards the required credits. (The student’s transcript will list the grade for such a course as “active participation.”)

The Structure of the Program

The Graduate Program has two required courses:

  • Topics in Rationality

  • Games and The Economics of Information (Microeconomics B’)

These courses are required of students registered in the following departments: mathematics, computer science, economics, business administration, and statistics. Students registered in other departments may register for this course. Alternatively, they may register for Game Theory: Introduction and Applications.

In addition, each student must complete:

  • One course with experimental content

  • At least one course on decision making

Time limits

MA students must complete the required 10 credits within two years of their initial registration in the program.

Doctoral students must complete the required 10 credits within three years of their initial registration in the program.


At the beginning of each academic year (and no later than November 1), each student who has not yet completed the required 10 credits must send an e‐mail listing the courses at the Center for which he or she has registered in that academic year. (This requirement applies even to students who register for none of the Center’s courses in that academic year.)

At the end of each academic year (and no later than October 1), each student must send an e‐mail listing those courses that he or she completed that year. These e‐mails should be sent to:


The student’s end of year report will be sent to his or her advisor, and the advisor will be asked to comment on the student’s academic achievements in the past year.

Annual Retreat

Students registered in the program must attend the Center’s annual retreat. Each student must lecture at the retreat at least once.

Physical Presence

In order for informal interactions to evolve, students are required to be physically present at the Center at least one full day every week.