Nathan Nati Linial

Nathan Nati Linial
נתי ליניאל
Computer Science

Research Interests

Combinatorics, Graph Theory, Geometric and Topological Aspects, Computational Complexity, Discrete Optimization, Bioinformatics. 

Courses Taught

Math tools for computer science, Pearls of Discrete Mathematics, The probabilistic method, Geometry and Graphs. 


  • ERC
  • ISF
  • BSF

Published in

  • Annals of Math
  • FOCS
  • STOC
  • Combinatorica
  • Israel J Math

Prizes and Awards

  • Rothschild (2016)

  •  FOCS test of time (2019)

  • Dijkstra (2013)
  • Conant (2008)
  • Fellow of the AMS Inaugural Class