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E.g., 25/04/2019
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Number Authour(s) Title Date Published insort descending Abstract Paper
9 Ezra Einy & Bezalel Peleg Coalition-Proof Communication Equilibria (07/1992) Social Choice Welfare and Ethics, W.A. Barnet, H. Moulin, M. Salles & N.J. Schofield (eds.), Cambridge University Press (1995), 289-300

We offer a definition of coalition-proof communication equilibria. The use of games of...

507 Amir Perelberg and Richard Schuster Coordinated Breathing in Bottlenose Dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) as Cooperation: Integrating Proximate and Ultimate Explanations (03/2009) Journal of Comparative Psychology 122 (2) (2008), 109–120.

In this study, coordinated breathing was studied in 13 common bottlenose dolphins because of its...

103 Ran El-Yaniv There Are Infinitely Many Competitive-Optimal Online List Accessing Algorithms (06/1996)

This paper presents a new family of optimal, 2-competitive, deterministic online list accessing...

189 Anna B. Khmelnitskaya Power Indices Without the Transfer Axiom (01/1999) In H. de Swart (ed.) Logic, Game Theory and Social Choice. Proceedings of the International Conference LGS (1999) Tilburg University Press: 208-213

We show that for voting systems containing at least three voters the set of all marginalist,...