An Axiomatic Approach to Sensors’ Trust Measurements


Alexander Kravtsov and Eyal Winter. 8/2020. “An Axiomatic Approach to Sensors’ Trust Measurements.” Discussion Papers. Copy at
dp739.pdf515 KB


A set of sensors is used to identify which of the users, from a pre-specified set of users, is currently using a device. Each sensor provides a name of a user and a real number representing its level of confidence in the assessment. However, the sensors measure different signals for different traits that are largely unrelated. To be able to implement a policy based on these measurements, one needs to aggregate the information provided by all sensors. We use an axiomatic approach to provide several reasonable trust functions. We show that by providing a few desirable properties we can derive several solutions that are characterized by these properties. Our analysis makes use of an important result by Kolmogorov (1930).

Last updated on 07/21/2022