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Number Authour(s) Title Date Published insort ascending Abstract Paper
10 Sergiu Hart & Andreu Mas-Colell A Model of n-Person Non-Cooperative Bargaining (07/1992) Pubslied as "Bargaining and Value" in Econometrica 64 (1996), 357-380

We present and analyze a model of non-cooperative bargaining among n participants, applied to...

522 Ziv Hellman Iterated Expectations, Compact Spaces, and Common Priors (10/2009) Games and Economic Behavior, 72 (2011) 163 – 171.

Extending to infinite state spaces that are compact metric spaces a result previously attained...

398 Gil Kalai and Shmuel Safra Threshold Phenomena and Influence, with Some Perspectives from Mathematics, Computer Science, and Economics (08/2005)
114 Abraham Neyman & Daijiro Okada Repeated Games with Bounded Entropy (09/1996) Games and Economic Behavior 30 (2000), 228-247.

We study the repeated games with a bound on strategic entropy (Neyman and Okada (1996)) of...

488 Andriy Zapechelnyuk and Ro'i Zultan Job Market Signaling and Job Search (07/2008)

The high cost of searching for employers borne by prospective employees increases friction in...

200 Motty Perry & Philip J. Reny An Ex-Post Efficient Auction (08/1999)

An analogue of Vickrey's (1961) multi-unit auction is provided when bidders have interdependent...

58 Ezra Einy, Ron Holzman & Benyamin Shitovitz Core and Stable Sets of Large Games Arising in Economics (11/1994) Journal of Economic Theory 68 (1996), 200-211

It is shown that the core of a non-atomic glove-market game which is defined as the minimum of...

286 Edna Ullmann-Margalit & Cass R. Sunstein Inequality and Indignation (03/2002) Philosophy and Public Affairs 30 (2002), 60-82

Inequalities often persist because both the advantaged and the disadvantaged stand to lose from...

493 Robert J. Aumann, Ein-Ya Gura, Sergiu Hart, Bezalel Peleg, Hana Shemesh and Shmuel Zamir Michael Maschler: In Memoriam (11/2008) Games and Economic Behavior 2, (2008), 351-392
367 Ruma Falk, Avital Lann and Shmuel Zamir Average Speed Bumps: Four Perspectives on Averaging Speeds (07/2004)