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E.g., 09/08/2020
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Number Authour(s) Title Date Published insort descending Abstract Paper
172 Shirrinka Goubitz, Tamar Keasar & Avi Shmida Age-Related Flower Sampling in Bumblebees: A Survey of Unsuccessful Foragers (05/1998) Entomologia Generalis 29 (2007), 201-211

Naive bumble bees (Bombus terrestris) that did not learn to handle artificial flowers were...

487 Tom de Jong, Avi Shmida and Frank Thuijsman Optimal Sex Allocation in Plants and the Evolution of Monoecy (06/2008)

Question: Which ecological factors favor the transition from plants with hermaphrodite...

92 Theo S. H. Driessen Tree Enterprises and Bankruptcy Ventures: A Game-Theoretic Similarity Due to a Graph-Theoretic Proof (01/1996) Discrete Applied Mathematics 79 (1997), 105-117

In a tree enterprise, users reside at the nodes of the tree and their aim is to connect...

31 Cristina Bicchieri & Gian Aldo Antonelli Game-Theoretic Axioms for Local Rationality and Bounded Knowledge (09/1993) Journal of Logic, Language and Information 4 (1995), 1-23

We present an axiomatic approach for a class of finite, extensive form games of perfect...