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E.g., 27/02/2020
E.g., 27/02/2020
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Number Authour(s) Title Date Published in Abstract Paper
733 Yigal Attali, Maya Bar-Hillel The false allure of fast lures (02/2020) Judgement and Decision Making, Vol. 15, No. 1, January 2020, pp. 93-111

The Cognitive Reflection Test (CRT) allegedly measures the tendency to override the prepotent...

732 Maya Bar-Hillel The base-rate fallacy in probability judgments (12/2019) Acta Psychologica, vol. 44 (1980), p. 211-233

The base-rate fallacy is people's tendency to ignore base rates in favor of, e.g.,...

731 Sergiu Hart, Dean P. Foster Forecast-Hedging and Calibration (11/2019)

Calibration means that for each forecast x the average of the realized actions in the periods in...

730 Sergiu Hart, Yosef Rinott Posterior Probabilities: Dominance and Optimism (11/2019)

The Bayesian posterior probability of the true state is stochastically dominated by that same...

729 Maya Bar-Hillel, Tom Noah, Shane Frederick Maya Bar-Hillel, Tom Noah, and Shane Frederick, Solving stumpers, CRT and CRAT: Are the abilities related? (10/2019) Judgement and Decision Making, Vol. 14, No. 5, September 2019, pp. 620-623

Bar-Hillel, Noah and Frederick (2018) studied a class of riddles they called stumpers, which...

728 Maya Bar-Hillel Why didn't I see it earlier? (07/2019) Sternberg, Robert J., ed. My Biggest Research Mistake: Adventures and Misadventures in Psychological Research. SAGE Publications, 2019.
727 Maya Bar-Hillel and Jacob Lavee Lay attitudes toward involuntary organ procurement from death-row prisoners: no, but (06/2019) Behavioural Public Policy

A multi-item questionnaire concerning lay people's attitudes toward organ procurement...

726 Maya Bar-Hillel, Cass R. Sunstein Baffling bathrooms: On navigability and choice architecture (06/2019) Behavioral Public Policy Blog
725 Tomer Siedner Optimal pricing by a risk-averse seller (05/2019)

We consider the basic setup of one seller, one buyer, and one good, where the seller is risk...

724 Maya Bar-Hillel The unbearable lightness of self-induced mind corruption (11/2018)

Talk delivered at the opening of SPUDM 26, Haifa, Israel, August 2017.