Center members have served and are serving as presidents of scientific societies

 President of the Operations Research Society - IsraelMoshe Haviv2012  President of the European Association of Decision MakingIllana Ritov 2007  President of the Game Theory Society Sergiu Hart2008-2010Robert J. Aumann1998-2003  President of the Israel Academy of Sciences and HumanitiesMenahem Yaari1991-2010  President of the Israel Economic Association Eytan Sheshinski2004-2006  President of the Israel Mathematical Union Sergiu Hart2005-2006Robert J. Aumann1990-1992  President of the Israel Statistical Association Ester Samuel-Cahn1993-1995  President of the Society for Judgment and Decision MakingMaya Bar-Hillel2004-2005  Eight Center Members are Elected Fellows of the prestigious conometric SocietyMotty Perry1999Shmuel Zamir 1992Abraham Neyman1989Sergiu Hart 1985Bezalel Peleg 1977Eytan Sheshinski1971Menahem Yaari1969Robert J. Aumann1966  In fact, only seven countries in the world boast more Fellows than the Center for the Study of Rationality!USA-413, UK-49, France-31, Japan-14, Canada-10, Germany-9, Belgium-9 (as of June 2008) NOTE: Israel-22 not included