Trial by Polygraph: Reconsidering the Use of the Guilty Knowledge Technique in Court

Gershon Ben-Shakhar
Maya Bar-Hillel
Mordechai Kremnitzer

Polygraph test results are by and large ruled inadmissible evidence in criminal courts in the US, Canada and Israel. This is well-conceived with regard to the dominant technique of polygraph interrogation, known as the Control Question Technique (CQT), because it indeed does not meet the required standards for admissible scientific evidence. However, a lesser known and rarely practiced technique, known as the Guilty Knowledge Test (GKT), is capable, if carefully administered, of meeting the recently set Daubert criteria. This article describes the technique, and argues for considering its admissibility as evidence in criminal courts.

May, 2002
Published in: 
Law and Human Behavior 26 (2002) 527-541