Species Survival and Evolutionary Stability in Sustainable Habitats: The Concept of Ecological Stability

Robert Aumann & Werner Guth

Whover exists belongs to a species, which did not become extinct, has a (geno-)type, which should be well adjusted, and lives in a habitat which has been sustainable for a long time. To capture the first aspect we allow for interspecies competition and analyze the conditions for species survival. The second aspect refers to success in intraspecies competition of (geno-)types as in evolutionary biology and game theory. Survival in inter- and intraspecies competition together with sustainability define ecological stability, a concept which we illustrate by an example of solitary and social grazers who compete for food supply and who are endangered by the same predators. Although our approach is inspired by empirical evidence, no systematic attempt is made to apply it to some specific ecology.

June, 1998
Published in: 
Journal of Evolutionary Economics 10 (2000), 437-447