On the State of the Art in Game Theory

Robert J. Aumann

An interview conducted on June 30, 1995, which is to appear in the Selten Festschrift: Understanding strategic Interaction, edited by Wulf Albers, Werner Guth, Peter Hammerstein, Benny Moldovanu, and Eric van Damme, with the help of Martin Strobel, to be published by Springer in 1996. The interview ranges over a wide variety of topics related to Game Theory, with special emphasis on empirical applications, both of the cooperative and of the noncooperative theories.

June, 1996
Published in: 
Games and Economic Behavior 24 (1998), 181-210. Also in W. Albers, W. Guth, P. Hammerstein, B. Moldovanu & E. van Damme (eds.), Understanding Strategic Interaction, Essays in honor of R. Selten, (1996) Springer-Verlag 8-34