conference videos

Alvin Roth - "Rationality and Irrationality in Market Design"
Avi Wigderson - "Randomness"
Avishai Margalit - "Edna Ullmann-Margalit Contribution to the Study of Rationality"
Daniel Kahneman - "Cognitive Limitations and the Psychology of Science"
Edward Lazear - "Rationality in Policy Making"
Ehud Kalai - “Learning and Stability in Small and in Large Games".
Eilon Solan -- "Attainability in Repeated Games with Vector Payoffs"
Florian Biermann-"Task Assignment with Autonomous and Controlled Agents"
Hilary Putnam - "Naive Realism and Qualia"
Igal Milchtaich - "Representation of Finite Games as Network Congestion Games"
Menachem Ben-Sasson, President - "Opening Remarks".
Menachem Yaari - " Welcome".
Motty Amar-"Reputable Brand Names Can Improve Product Efficacy"
Nir Dagan - "A Coalitional Theory of Oligopoly"
Oscar Volij - "Some Memories"
Robert J. Aumann - "Who Are the Players?"
Roi Zultan- "My Rational Journey from Psychology to Economics"
Sarah Stroumsa , Rector -- Opening Remarks
Sergiu Hart-- "Risk and Rationality"
Uri Resnick -- "Rationality and Foreign Policy Planning"