conference videos

Abraham Neyman , “Continous-Time Stochastic Games”
Alvin Roth, “Deceased Organ Donation and Solicitation in Israel and the U.S”
Anna Rubinchik, “Regularity and Stability of Equilibria in an Overlapping Generations Model with Exogenous Growth” (joint with Jean-François Mertens)
Bernard de Meyer, “Risk Aversion and Price Dynamics on the Stock Market”
Claude d'Aspremont, “Some Remarks on Bayesian Incentive Compatibility
Elon Kohlberg , "The Shapley Value of Stochastic Games"
Eric Maskin , “Markov Equilibrium” (joint with Jean Tirole)
François Maniquet, “Strategic Voting under Proportional Representation”
Françoise Forges, “Bayesian Repeated Games”
Geoffroy de Clippel , “Egalitarianism under Incomplete Information”
Hari Govindan, “Toward a Theory of Stability in Repeated Games”
Jacques Drèze , “Subjective Expected Utility with State
Olivier Gossner , “The Value of Information in Zero-Sum Games” (joint with Jean-François Mertens)
Pierre Dehez , “How to Share Joint Liability: A Cooperative Game Approach”
Robert J. Aumann , “My Jean-François”
Roger Myerson , "Settled Equilibria" (joint with Jörgen Weibull)
Sergiu Hart, “Correlated Equilibria: Markets, Dynamics, and Computation”
Shmuel Zamir , “The MZ Formula: Origins and Recent Application”
Yair Tauman ,“Voting Power and Proportional Representation of Voters” (joint with Artyom Jelnov)